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McJamie's Art
are OPEN

O R D E R   F O R M

1 / Open
2 / Open


Bust : $45
Full Body : $80

Additional Character : +$35 (bust) +$50 (full body)
Complicated Props/Outfits + Animal Companions : +$15

Simple illustrated background : +$200 (I'd prefer not to so the cost is a lot)


What I will and won't do

Will : fanart, OCs, NSFW, furry, animals
Won't : mecha, bigoted imagery, some NSFW, complicated backgrounds


Terms of Service

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason and without explanation.

Commissions will be completed between 2 weeks and one month. You will be notified if anything will take longer. A rush charge of $30 will be applied to priority artwork requiring less time.

Half payment is expected up front, and full payment after sketch is approved. Final artwork will not be delivered if full payment is not received.

Full refund if I am unable to complete a commission. If a client terminates a commission after sketch is approved, the second payment will not be required, but the half payment will not be refunded. If final art is completed and client terminates, no refund will be given.

Excessive revisions will result in $5 per revision. Generally, I will work with the client during the sketch phase with a reasonable amount of revisions, and will allow 2-3 significant revisions on the final artwork.

No commission may be used commercially or for NFT usage in any way.


While I am able to style-match to some extent, I am providing commissions in the style of artwork provided in the examples on the left for this batch of commissions. Understand that you care commissioning me and my current skills, rather than an "art bot."

Just be cool to work with and we'll do fine. Communication is key!



Half payment is expected before commission will begin. Second half is expected after sketch is approved.

Payment may be made through Paypal or Ko-fi

Let's Work Together

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I am open to ongoing freelance opportunities. Please contact me via email or my website's contact form to discuss possible projects and budgets.

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