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Flight Rising Apparel Items

For the website, I am tasked with both style-matching existing apparel items onto new "modern" breed releases, as well as to develop original apparel items and sets across all fifteen dress-able dragon breeds.

Original Apparel Item Examples:

"Assassin" set for Night of the Nocturne, an end-of-year site event focused on trickery and magic, 2019.

"Luminax Con" apparel set for April 1st site prank in 2020.

Pitched in response to players' desire for a plushie designed after in-game zombie monstrosity, the Luminax.

Apparel set for the very first sitewide summer event "Warrior's Way" in 2021.

Varying standalone items for site events. All items were uniquely incorporated to each dragon base. 2020-2022.

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